After nearly two decades of development, the company has formed five series of core equipment products for the chemical industry, including high-efficiency de-volatilization, enhanced heat transfer, polymerization reaction, extraction technology, and complete skid-mounted



Efficient devolatilizer

The devolatilizer equipped by Julong is composed of preheater and devolatilization tank. It is a kind of devolatilization equipment with Julong characteristics. It has enhanced heat transfer, large gasification space, unique internal components and high-precision distributors that can provide excellent devolatilization effect and accurate temperature control. Suitable for the devolatilization of high viscosity viscous substances, our company has been successfully applied in 30000 to 120000 tons of industrial units such as ABS, PS, PLA, etc. We have received unanimous praise from customers, improving product quality and economic benefits.

Static Mixer

The mixing process of a static mixer is carried out by a series of mixing units of different specifications installed in a hollow pipeline. Due to the role of the mixing unit, the fluid rotates left and right at times, constantly changing the flow direction, not only pushing the central liquid flow towards the periphery, but also pushing the surrounding fluid towards the center, resulting in a good radial mixing effect. At the same time, the rotation of the fluid itself also occurs at the interface of adjacent components. This perfect radial circulation mixing effect significantly reduces the temperature gradient, velocity, and mass gradient of the fluid on the pipeline cross-section, promoting the "cutting", "displacement", "rotation", "overlap" and other movements of immiscible fluids in the pipeline, thereby achieving good mixing effect.

Extraction Tower Filler Technology Series Products

After years of collaborative research with the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University, our company has developed a new technology for honeycomb (FG) series structured packing extraction towers, which has been successfully applied in liquid-liquid extraction processes such as furfural refining, propane deasphalting, and extraction and dephenolization of phenolic wastewater. Practice has shown that the high-efficiency extraction tower has the advantages of large processing capacity, low pressure drop, high mass transfer efficiency, and easy processing, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Complete set of skid mounted devices

Julong equipment is equipped with a complete set of skid-mounted devices, suitable for the use of various new materials such as PLA, PGA, POE, PLGA, etc. Julong has been deeply cultivated for many years, and the complete set is perfect. It can manufacture various small and medium-sized test devices. From equipment selection, equipment manufacturing, instrument automation, on-site debugging and other one-stop services.

JLTF tower reactor

JLTF-I type enhanced heat transfer hybrid reactor is specifically designed for enhancing heat transfer processes in high viscosity media. The JLTF-I type does not need to be combined with other accessories and is directly connected to pipelines. For high viscosity media ranging from 500 to 450000 centipoises, its heat transfer coefficient can reach 100-400w/m2 ℃, which is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary tubular heat exchangers. Currently applied in melt cooling and polymerization reactions in the polymer chemical fiber industry.

JLGH-I tube type high-efficiency heat exchanger

The JLGH type high-efficiency tube and tube heat exchanger is a type of insert that can generate radial flow in the heat exchange tube to enhance heat transfer inside the tube. The contribution of Julong Equipment Company is to use a special process to improve the accuracy of the insert to the extreme. Its precision and economy are reflected in high viscosity systems and other systems. The company has developed inserts that are suitable for both high viscosity systems and ordinary fluids with low pressure drop and economy. The company can be responsible for tailoring according to customer process requirements (i.e. process calculation and design). At present, this product has replaced foreign imports in the ABS and PS industries, such as Tianjin Daguhua, Shanghai Huayi, Changchun Gaoqi, etc. It has also been gradually promoted and applied in new material industries such as polyester, polylactic acid, and cellulose in China, such as Zhejiang Haizheng, Tongji University Tongjieliang Company, Nanjing Hongbaoli Company, etc.

JLGH-II Non tubular High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

JLGH-II non tubular high-efficiency heat exchanger is based on the principle of static mixing. According to the physical properties and reaction conditions of different reaction systems, different forms of mixing elements are used in the pipeline to strongly shear, disperse, and mix the reactants, and provide a larger reaction area and heat exchange area, so as to achieve the optimal concentration and temperature uniformity of the reactants and narrow residence time distribution;

Horizontal composite bag filter

The horizontal composite bag type fine filter is also a patented product of Julong Equipment Company (patent number: ZL201020186619.3). The advantages of the horizontal filter are:

Vertical composite bag filter

The composite bag type fine filter is a patented technology of Qidong Julong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (patent number: ZL20052073307.0). Compared with ordinary filters, under the same shell and volume, our factory's filter has a relatively larger filtration area of over 60%. This way, the device has a long operating cycle, short parking time, and effectively reduces operating costs; Under the same processing capacity, our factory's filter has a larger filtration area than ordinary filters, which means that the equipment volume can be reduced, saving users more than 20% of equipment investment and effectively reducing equipment manufacturing costs.

JLM series metal microporous filter element fine filter

The JLM series metal microporous filter cartridge fine filter is a new generation fine filter that our company has successfully launched in cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, based on the introduction of advanced foreign technology. Its core component, the metal microporous filter element, has many excellent properties, such as large filtration area, high breathability, high pollutant holding capacity, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high filtration accuracy, good purification efficiency, small pressure difference, cleanability and regeneration, convenient maintenance, and long service life. It has achieved the maximum process and economic benefits in the fields of fluid purification, impurity separation, and precious material recovery, and is widely used in industries such as petrochemical, fine chemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, aviation, electronics, food, and beverage.

JLGF pipeline reactor

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