After nearly two decades of development, the company has formed five series of core equipment products for the chemical industry, including high-efficiency de-volatilization, enhanced heat transfer, polymerization reaction, extraction technology, and complete skid-mounted
precise filtration



Horizontal composite bag filter

The horizontal composite bag type fine filter is also a patented product of Julong Equipment Company (patent number: ZL201020186619.3). The advantages of the horizontal filter are:

Vertical composite bag filter

The composite bag type fine filter is a patented technology of Qidong Julong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (patent number: ZL20052073307.0). Compared with ordinary filters, under the same shell and volume, our factory's filter has a relatively larger filtration area of over 60%. This way, the device has a long operating cycle, short parking time, and effectively reduces operating costs; Under the same processing capacity, our factory's filter has a larger filtration area than ordinary filters, which means that the equipment volume can be reduced, saving users more than 20% of equipment investment and effectively reducing equipment manufacturing costs.

JLM series metal microporous filter element fine filter

The JLM series metal microporous filter cartridge fine filter is a new generation fine filter that our company has successfully launched in cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, based on the introduction of advanced foreign technology. Its core component, the metal microporous filter element, has many excellent properties, such as large filtration area, high breathability, high pollutant holding capacity, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high filtration accuracy, good purification efficiency, small pressure difference, cleanability and regeneration, convenient maintenance, and long service life. It has achieved the maximum process and economic benefits in the fields of fluid purification, impurity separation, and precious material recovery, and is widely used in industries such as petrochemical, fine chemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, aviation, electronics, food, and beverage.
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