After nearly two decades of development, the company has formed five series of core equipment products for the chemical industry, including high-efficiency de-volatilization, enhanced heat transfer, polymerization reaction, extraction technology, and complete skid-mounted
static mixing



Static Mixer

The mixing process of a static mixer is carried out by a series of mixing units of different specifications installed in a hollow pipeline. Due to the role of the mixing unit, the fluid rotates left and right at times, constantly changing the flow direction, not only pushing the central liquid flow towards the periphery, but also pushing the surrounding fluid towards the center, resulting in a good radial mixing effect. At the same time, the rotation of the fluid itself also occurs at the interface of adjacent components. This perfect radial circulation mixing effect significantly reduces the temperature gradient, velocity, and mass gradient of the fluid on the pipeline cross-section, promoting the "cutting", "displacement", "rotation", "overlap" and other movements of immiscible fluids in the pipeline, thereby achieving good mixing effect.
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